Welcome on our Swupper® site

Welcome on our special Swupper® site. Swupper® is een registered trademark from PowerCast BV. Swuppers® are a new generation, European patented foundations for post sized between ø48-168mm.

Swupper EVO

Why use Swuppers®?

Labor is getting scarce. New products and methods for getting things done are getting popular. Our Swupper® is the latest development in this field. Low price, quicker and less critical to install.

Advantages using Swuppers®

  • One foundation allowing several sizes.
  • Level adjustment possible afte faulty intallation or ground settlement
  • No metals touching, no electrolytical corrosion
  • No water or dirt intrusion
  • Some resistance against collisions
  • Planted, shallow and special-X installations

Contact Swupper®

Contact us trough our main website: https://www.powercast.nl.