Which Swupper® suits my purpose?

Swuppers® com in 3 flavours: ‘Budget’, ‘Passive’ and ‘Active’. Adding functions and some costs as you go along.

Helping you to choose a Swupper®

Fixation of post by compression of an EPDM ring in a preformed chamberFixation by deforming a special tube after compression a sandwich constructionFixation by tightening clamps at the side of the post
The customer will pour conrete around the supplied sleeve assemblyThe customer can choose to pour extra concrete around the prefab constructionThe customer will have to pour extra concrete around the prefab construction
There is no native possibility for adjustment of levels after installationBuilt-in is a passive adjustment of level after installation. At least 2 degrees in any direction. Just push against the post untill it is level, then tighten all bolts.There is an active adjuistment of level built in the system. Tighten the clamp on a low sides of the post to bring it up and level. Then thighten the bolts on the top flange
(a special flange can be ordered with an excentric central hole to compensate for deviation from level)