Swupper derives it’s name from the contraction of two words: Swap and up. So Swupper is both a foundation and a tool for putting up posts and swap them when needed.

  • Where in the past installations were done for a long time ahead, now installation cycles wind down to a couple of years, because of availability of new techniques or contract-ends.
  • With more techniques, we get more maintenance. Nowadays, this is done on a road-side. With a Swupper, you can take the post into a workshop and maintain it there.
  • Biggest advantage however is the level-adjustment capability of the Swupper. This allows for far less work during civil installation, and far more finesse in final adjustments. (0,1 degree to spot-on with hardly any effort).
  • Instead of burying steel or other degradable materials, we use concrete, without steel. We do not have to protect it against corrosion
  • Stainless steel flanges finish the foundation off, and can be easily swapped for other sizes and shapes.